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Roronoa Zoro
11 July 2020 @ 03:43 am
[Character] Roronoa Zoro
[Canon] One Piece
[Player] Cam / zhadra_ahni
[RP] somarium
[Timezone] GMT -8 (Pacific Time U.S.)

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Roronoa Zoro
24 October 2010 @ 04:05 pm
Oi. Anyone who's been here longer than me. Everything around going to shit, the ghosts and buildings and dead fish—and the stupid costumes—s'it the same as all the other weird crap that happens here or is it something else? Never seen the whole goddamn place change before.  ...Better not be permanent. Fucking tattoos.

[He makes to turn the Dreamberry off, with that, then pauses. ...One last thing.]

Robin. Where the hell are you? 

[OOC: The tattoos inscribed on Zoro are more or less as pictured, except they also curl up his neck and then over his face and eyes in a mask, which will be visible in the video. They aren't decorative, either! They're actually rune-patterns, which give him the power of empathic healing—meaning he can absorb damage and injuries from other people and then heal from them quickly. He doesn't know about this yet, so feel free to help him realize in an action-thread, housemates. :)a]
Roronoa Zoro
18 July 2010 @ 08:33 pm
[OOC Note: Continued from the log here.]

[The video flicks on to show—a thumb. A gruff, urgent voice is speaking.]

"—i, you—woman! Connect me to...Shakky's bar, on Sabaody Archipelago! ...Hello? Oi!"

[The thumb moves, leaving the image smudged with something red. A much-bloodied and scuffed young man appears up close, squinting at the Dreamberry; his scowling, weary face is topped with short green hair. A moment later, another voice, off-screen, speaks up hoarsely, sounding as if each word is forced wetly from tattered lungs. Which they are.]

"It is...a recording."

[The screen tilts to the side and shows the speaker, a man with wet, shoulder-length black hair and a haggard face.]

"Damn." [The green haired young man shakes the Dreamberry, then the video slides suddenly, image whirling as the second man abruptly sags.] "Nnngh—wha—okay, fine, we'll sit for just a second—"

[The Dreamberry goes blank.]
Roronoa Zoro
06 July 2010 @ 09:20 pm
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All entries made previous to this one are part of the mallowmateys continuity—any entry made after is part of another game, separate and unrelated!



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Roronoa Zoro
29 June 2010 @ 06:16 pm
Che. There are pick-pocket kids running around in town. They were dumb enough to try it on me, so they're not that choosy. Watch your wallets and other stuff.

...Oi, Goemon, witch-girl. Still not dead?
Roronoa Zoro
28 April 2010 @ 09:44 pm
...Right. Tired of this now. Next Viking to ask where my sister disappeared to is getting their fucking beard cut off, if I'm feeling generous. Fair warning.

[ooc: Responses will probably be slow. ;_;]
Roronoa Zoro

[The video starts by showing Zoro facing the camera in work-out pants and no shirt, crouching on his heels as he adjusts the view so it takes in the entire crow's nest from where the computer is set on a bench. Once it's to his satisfaction he nods and goes to the center of the room, drawing all three of his swords. Then he begins moving through various katas, slowly at first, but gradually increasing their speed and complexity until his blades more often than not appear as flashing blurs.]

[He makes these videos from time to time as a training aid in order to analyze his own movements, but obviously he doesn't bother to post them; wonder why this one is on the network...His concentrated practice continues for quite some time, fluid and focused, until he eventually winds down, the last katas more flowing stretches than strikes as he slows his accelerated breathing. Once he comes to a stop, wiping sweat out of his eyes, the swords get sheathed and set aside and he heads for his ridiculously enormous weights to start the next phase of his training. He proceeds to go through a truly absurd number of reps in different lifts and swings.]

...3,452...3,453...3,454...[He lifts the weights again and suddenly beyond him there is a ghostly transparent young girl holding a familiar white sword, looking at him steadily. Zoro goes entirely, deathly still and just looks back, face wiped completely blank.]

...Kui— [—the massive weights crash to the floor, jolting the computer off the bench to hit the ground and abruptly end the video feed.]


[ooc:  The above video is now GONE, not to be commented on, and only left there ooc-ly for clarity's sake! Also, I may fall asleep unexpectedly. >.> Fair warning. THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE is now the only thing up.]

I'll be taking over watch until further notice.
Roronoa Zoro
25 March 2010 @ 02:21 pm

For future reference. It's a good idea to make sure people aren't slave traders before you hitch a ride with them. Generally. Stranding yourself is also dumb. But less than letting yourself be sold at a market, I guess.

Che. Hopefully this won't take long. The mini-Merry's...smaller than I remembered. With three people. And crap, I guess four on the way back...Great.
Roronoa Zoro
06 March 2010 @ 09:03 pm


Robin, we're gonna be coming in fast and we'll haveta move.

Vivi. You coming or what?
Roronoa Zoro
28 February 2010 @ 02:32 pm

Hn. Water's warm enough for swimming, but there's a shit-ton of Sea Kings and whatever a bit further down, so. Probably better to wait 'til we get to the island. Which reminds me. Camie and Hachi and the starfish wouldn't be dumb enough to still be around after last time, right?

...Oi, how much longer, Nami?

[ooc: I might be a little slow with responses today; sorry in advance!]