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I will keep my promise.

Roronoa Zoro
11 November
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RORONOA ZORO - ロロノア • ゾロ

Pirate Profile
Crew: Straw Hat Pirates
Epithet: Pirate Hunter Zoro; Demon Cutter Zoro
Age: 19 (canon)
Birthday: November 11
Position: Swordsman; First Mate
Appearance: 5'10". Short green hair. Muscular. 3 gold earrings in left ear. Diagonal scar across torso, scars circling each ankle.
Bounty: 120,000,000
The Swordsman
Fighting: Santouryuu - "Three Sword Style"
Swords: Meitou; Wadou Ichimonji. Sandai Kitetsu. Meitou; Shuusui.
Goal: Defeat Hawk-eyes Mihawk. Help Luffy become Pirate King.
The Man
Promises/Dream: To be the World's Greatest Swordsman.
Fears: Breaking his promises. Being weak. Failing his captain. Losing nakama or Wadou.
Likes: Swords. Sleep. Booze. Fighting. Simple foods. Meditation. Forthrightness, honesty.
Dislikes: Sweet foods. People who break promises. Being woken up. Manipulation. Disloyalty, disrespect, debt.
Strengths: Ridiculously, monstrously strong. Intimidating. Cuts to the heart of the matter. Inhumanly high alcohol tolerance (but Nami's is higher).
Weaknesses: Can get lost in a straight hallway. Gets wounded too often and bleeds too much. Fails at double-talk.

Zoro Bottom Banner by zhadra_ahni